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  • AIEN Speaker Series — Henry Yeung of NUS

    AIEN Speaker Series — Anupam Khanna of NASSCOM

    On 15 September 2014, 10:30am–12:00pm (GMT+8/Manila time), Prof. Henry Yeung of the National University of Singapore will talk about subnational/regional development through strategic coupling in global production networks. Join us in person or online! Learn more.

  • Anupam Khanna on Just Do IT: Digital Transformation and Innovation for Development

    Anupam Khanna, Just Do IT: Digital Transformation and Innovation for Development, 21 August 2014

    On 21 August 2014, Anupam Khanna of the National Association of Software and Services Companies presented his recent research on how digital transformation in India is paving the way for the country's development.
    Presentation | Video

  • Trade Chatter June–July 2014 issue

    AIEN Trade Chatter: Issue 19, June–July 2014

    The June–July 2014 issue of the AIEN newsletter, Trade Chatter, has been sent out to the mailing list! If you haven't received a copy, check out the web version. To avoid missing out in the future, subscribe here!

  • [Infographics] The Rubber at Full Stretch: Working Hard in Global Value Chains

    [Infographics] The Rubber at Full Stretch: Working Hard in Global Value Chains

    The natural rubber’s elasticity, resilience, and toughness make it a basic component in the value chain of many sectors: transportation, industrial, consumer, and hygiene and medical. Learn more.

  • ADB-ADBI-MISI AIEN Training Program - Plugging into Global Value Chains (GVCs): Role of Trade and Investment Policy

    ADB-ADBI-MISI AIEN Training Program - Plugging into Global Value Chains (GVCs): Role of Trade and Investment Policy

    AIEN in partnership with the Asian Development Bank Institute and Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) conducted a training program on 3-6 June 2014 at the MISI Campus, Shah Alam, Malaysia. Visit the Training 2014 page for the presentations.

  • [Infographics] E-commerce revolution: The rise of e-commerce and how it has changed the way we do things

    [Infographics] E-commerce revolution: The rise of e-commerce and how it has changed the way we do things

    E-commerce, a virtually non-existent industry in the early '90s, reached US$ 1 trillion of sales in 2012, creating new markets while driving some existing ones to near extinction. Learn more.

Global Value Chains

15 August 2014

Workforce, Competitive Pressures Push Services Growth

Aaron Hand | Automation World

Automation services are expected to see more growth as process industries look to solution providers for help outside their core competencies, according to new analysis from Frost & Sullivan. Driving this growth include the declining availability of a skilled workforce and increasing competitive pressures that require operational improvement services to avoid costly downtimes, optimize production, improve energy efficiency, and mitigate risks. Photosource: http://go-gaga-over-testing.blogspot.com/2014/08/mobile-test-automation-ios-android.html

12 August 2014

Shipping Corp may exit container business

P. Manoj | Livemint and the Wall Street Journal

“State-run Shipping Corp. of India Ltd (SCI) may exit its loss-making container shipping business as the Mumbai-based company comes under pressure to do something drastic to reverse three continuous years of losses.”  Photo source: AFP

What We're Reading Now
for the week ending 6 September 2014

22 August 2014

APEC blueprint designed to lower barriers to trade

Pu Zhendong | China Daily

Member economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation are working on a blueprint that aims at improving infrastructure such as roads, railways and telecommunication. The objectives are to strengthen connections of member economies on a 'physical level,’ and to boost regional interconnectivity and other trade facilitation. (452 words)

21 August 2014

Japanese Defense Exporters Race to Catch Up

Arthur Herman | The Wall Street Journal

“In a controversial move, the Abe government earlier this year relaxed some of the strict export controls on Japan's defense contractors. This could presage an era of big profits for Japanese companies like Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Shinmaya, the aircraft manufacturer. Or, it could lead to big problems if not done right.” Photo source: Associated Press (772 words)

19 August 2014

A Tale of Two Cities

Z. Joe Kulenovic | The World Bank

“Bucaramanga and Coimbatore were selected for study because they outpaced their respective countries and other cities in their regions, in terms of employment and GDP growth, in the period from 2007 to 2012. Faced with the same macroeconomic and regulatory framework as other Indian and Colombian cities, the obvious question is: What did these two cities do differently that enabled them to grow faster?” (822 words)

16 August 2014

Aid to the rescue

Anonymous | The Economist

The article discusses new research estimating the impact of development aid on growth of poor countries. While these studies provide evidence of gains from aid, albeit possibly short-term, the article notes gaps concerning aid cost-effectiveness. (982 words)

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